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Whether you’re developing a new promotion, have been nominated for an award and need to send out a press release, or are creating fresh marketing materials, you need to look your best.
Our digital photography experience, as well as experience working with marketing and design teams means that we’ve helped hundreds of people put their best face forward. Our team will discuss with you the image you want to project and make suggestions for locations, wardrobe and lighting styles. We work with quick turnaround times and provide excellent digital enhancing services.
We value your time, this is why we are willing to bring our mobile photography studio to you or you are welcome to come to our beautiful facility with both natural light and studio light photography areas.
Isn’t it time you look your best and make that priceless first impression?


1. Consultation and estimate

We get to know a bit about your business, your clients and what you’ll use the images for in order to prepare an estimate. If requested, we can also make recommendations on clothing and photography styles once you’ve booked your session so that your images compliment your branding and visually communicate who you are.

2. Photography session

Jason will photograph you either at our office in Abbotsford, at your office, or another predetermined location. He is experienced at giving posing directions and will guide you through the session helping you to look your best.

3. Image selection

We either show you the images right at your session so you can immediately make your selections, or we create an online gallery for you to choose your images from.

4. Post production

Jason is adept at doing enough retouching to enhance an image without making it look fake. Making sure your skin, eyes and body look their best are things that he considers when doing the post production on your images.

5. Image delivery

Your high-resolution, retouched images are sent to you via DropBox or email for you to use for promotional purposes. Our images include a lifetime, worldwide license for you to use them for promotional purposes.

6. Satisfaction guarantee

All of our photography includes a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your photographs, please contact us within 7 days to discuss what we can do to make you proud to show off your images.

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Whether you are an architect, interior designer, developer, builder or other trade – we realize that you need to showcase your projects at their best with high quality professional images.

Our experience with architectural design, digital photography and lighting, as well as, experience working with marketing and design teams means that we have helped companies in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland look their best on their websites, social media, competition submissions and other promotional materials. Jason will work with you through every step of the entire process.


1. Consultation

Give our office a call or fill in our request for quote form so that we can find out a bit about your project and what your photography needs are. We will discuss with you when the project is available to be photographed if you want to use a stylist, the best time of day for architectural photography and how you intend to use the photographs.

2. Session

Jason Brown will spend time photographing your project. He uses a professional Nikon camera to create high-resolution images with professional lenses and equipment designed specifically for architecture photography.

3. Image Selection

We post a private gallery of the best images from the session for you to look through and choose which images you would like to order.

4. Post Production

We retouch and enhance the images so that they look their best. Basic color correction, removing distracting reflections, lighting balance and minor touch ups are included in the quote. Extensive retouching requests such as removing objects (i.e., power lines, cars, etc.) or rebuilding portions of the photograph (i.e., extensive reconstruction of landscaping, damaged portions of a building, etc.) are an additional cost. Final images are sent to you via DropBox.

5. Your Hard Work Looks Fabulous

Whether you are posting your projects on your website, entering a competition, printing banners for a tradeshow or displaying them in your office, you will proudly be able to show off your projects. Our goal is to not only create stunning photographs of your projects but to be your partner in helping you grow your company.
Let us capture the essence of your building project for competition and promotion. Contact Revival Arts today for your personalized consultation.

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