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Why Revival Arts?


Jason has been doing professional photography for over 16 years and has won several awards nationally and internationally, including Canadian Commercial Photographer of the Year for two years in a row. He is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada so you can rest assured that your images and service will be top notch. Jason not only has education in commercial photography, but he also was in the building industry for 12 years and studied architecture for 3 years.


Do I own the rights to the images after I pay for them?


When you hire us to do your photographs, you are paying for a license to use the images to showcase your work to acquire more business. Although we retain the copyright, you are welcome to use the images how you would like for advertising your business or for internal use, except for selling or giving them to a third party or stock agency. Some situations will require a custom quote – such as using the image on a large billboard or in a magazine.


How long have you been a photographer?


Jason has been a photographer since 2001 when he photographed his first backyard wedding. Hundreds of portraits and dozens of weddings later, he now only photographs for commercial clients and dance studios.


Do you use lighting?


Yes, as needed. For architecture, Jason will use the existing light as much as possible to maintain the natural, intended look of the building or space but will fill in darker areas or enhance as needed. For promotional portraits, he is experienced with both natural and studio lights. He will choose the appropriate lighting method that best meets your marketing and branding needs.


Can I just get the unretouched images for a better price?


No. When Jason works on your images, he treats each one as if they are going to be published. What we can do is provide a reduced rate for lower resolution images.


Can I submit my images to magazines?


If you are approached by a magazine, or if you just want to submit them to a magazine, please let us know. There are standards for editorial magazine usage rates and the magazine should be paying the photographer accordingly – even if they say there is no budget for the photography. Magazine advertising is an additional license that we need to do a custom quote for.


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